What does Allying Look Like?

What does it look like? You know, living the truth. How does that actually work?  Well, if you would like to just slip inside my mind for a bit I will illustrate how it works for me.

One Sunday morning I met this gal at church. Right away she asked to meet me for lunch and a few weeks later we met for lunch. She seemed very eager to tell me about herself and the life she has lived. I noticed right away that she was pretty, athletic, very passionate, bold and outspoken.

I listened as she told her story. I asked questions wanting to bring her in, to encourage her to feel safe and included.

But I was surprised to find that in a quick flash, my thoughts turned toward a familiar pathway. You may peek in as I share what I was thinking as I sat there:

She is really enthusiastic. (Sure wish I felt that passionate. Wish I was so outspoken and brave.)

She is pretty and athletic. (Wish I had dressed differently.)

She seems so sure of what God is doing in her life. (I should be so firm in my determination of His actions.)

I actually hate to admit it! But I have found that its like we travel a well-worn pathway in our minds. I have felt that my trail is strewn with evidence that I am inadequate and lesser-than in so many ways. So here, as I sat to minister, to include, to warmly welcome… my mind was trying to escape down the old route of comparison and not-enough! I was standing at the trail-head. Would I enter? It seemed so right and true.

But Deane is a wiser girl than she once was! She spotted that nasty wound- maker and stopped him in his creepy work.

I remembered once again that I am OK. I am who God created me to be. He gave me a tale that is mine and the narrative of that story is my life. This life: given. This personality: given. This strong ministry of kindness: given. How can that which has been given, not be enough?

So I turned in an abounding chorus of praise to the God of freedom and truth. He has renewed my mind! He has forgiven the sin that I coddled so tenderly for such a long time. He has reminded me that His work abounds and will not be trivialized or rendered mute.

You, O LORD, keep my lamp burning;

my God turns my darkness into light.

with your help I can advance against a troop;

with my God I can scale a wall. (or I can fight down a lie and the father of lies with it.)

Psalm 18:28-29

In an instant those thoughts came and went as I sat there. I worshiped God in His victory over my past patterns so I could freely and fully minister to my lovely sister who needed someone to hear her and to welcome her in.

Ah the sweet, sweet path of truth and freedom. I’m so thankful to be on it, rescued from the lie that had, at one time, settled itself comfortably in my heart. But NO MORE!