What about me?

Grace and mercy resonate with the deepest part of my soul

And I can tell that God has bestowed upon me this precious gift

Because time and time again I have gone there,

Touched on it

Made a small shift,

Heard a small voice

Got scared Ran away,

Stood up taller and straighter

Pulled up my boot straps

And regained control

Just as that small, needy part

Slinked down

Pulled in

Gave up And Retreated

And everything regains its normal position of control Just as it always does    

Big Sigh

But then – oh wait!  A hand went up and I heard a faint little voice calling out


This time was different, I could tell

I saw her eyes, they were filled with tears

She needed me, it seemed real clear

She needed to know that I was near

I reached out to her, I took her hand

She hesitated, but then she stood

She said – “where WERE you?   I was afraid – I was left all in a daze

Alone and scared, a great big mess

Crying out to emptiness

I see you now – but will you stay?                                                

And can you take my pain away?”

I need some hope, I need it now!                                                

Please tell me you’ve made a vow”  

I said to her, “My little oneI am here – I’m here to stay!                                    

Nothing can drag me away!  

I want to know you – I really do                                    

I want to know all you’ve been through  

Take your time – we’ll go real slow                                    

No one else needs to know  

Just me and you – the two of us                                    

Free at last, despite the fuss”

And then I sang to her stanzas from my favorite song, “Amazing Grace – Our Chains are Gone”

Little one,

Our chains are gone, we’ve been set free

Our God, Our Savior has ransomed me

And like a flood, His mercy rains

Unending love, AMAZING GRACE 

The earth shall soon dissolve like snow

The sun forbears to shine

But God, who called me here to you

Will be forever mine

Little one – You are forever mine

My chains are gone, I’m being set free

And mercy is clearing the mess

God is bestowing his grace upon me

And I am refreshingly blessed!


From the desk of Laura Pelecheck, House of Hope Therapist