“They” Means Go Deeper

One of the key exercises in the journey to living in freedom is to identify lies. We all have them- those false paradigms that set us up to get tangled in hurt and captivity. It’s fairly easy to diagnose that a lie is at work. If I am in bondage, I’m believing a lie.

Yet identifying the lie is not so easy. This process requires that we do the often difficult work of pressing into the very things we’d like to avoid, the painful things. Uncovering the lies means I need to listen to my anxiety and fear, to look deeply into it, seeking to understand it.

In the middle of whatever hurt and bondage I’m experiencing- rejection, anxiety, resentment- I ask myself: what seems true right now? What is the belief that is driving those feelings? My initial discoveries might sound something like…

“They don’t really accept me.

“They don’t think I’m doing a good job.

“They don’t value the work that I’m doing.”

Are those the lies? Maybe. Perhaps “they” do accept me, do think I’m doing a good job, and do value my work. But what if they don’t?

See the real lie is that I’m not good enough unless they do. The real lie is that my value and my belonging are defined by other people

from the desk of Katie Sandquist,Executive Director

from the desk of Katie Sandquist,
Executive Director

So on this hunt for the lies, if I come up with something that starts with “they”- or “he” or “she”- I’m not done. I must press deeper to what I’m believing about myself- my value, my belonging. There I will find the true core lies holding me captive. There I can plant the truth that will set me free.