Spirit of Power

Spirit of Power

But you must return to your God; maintain love and justice and wait for God always. Hosea 12:6

In order for power to exist and extend its influence, there has to be at least two parties participating in the dynamic of exchange.

One of the definitions of power is: the ability or capacity to direct or influence the behavior of others or a course of events.

We have heard it said many times that one only has power over a person if it is given freely to them, if one allows that person or system to exist in a manner in which the weaker sees something he/she believes is needed in the powerful.  Power exuded is an illusion, one in which the weaker can change his/her mind and step out of its shadow and no longer participate in it’s dominating structure.

I have been thinking on this ideology quite a bit lately and have concluded that the person who created this idea was likely a man. A man who has never lived with the hum of inequality, oppression, exploitation and fear of a system/person wielding intimidating power.

Because to live in the body of a woman, in this festering and broken society, is to live on defense, to walk in the ways of careful footing, to continually be aware of her surroundings, to buzz with the hum inside her skin. The hum that sometimes bubbles to the surface, leaking salty water from her eyes, or releasing words of anger, frustration and sadness, an expansive explosion of guttural cries she can’t take back from her lips; the hum of blood pulsating inside her veins and injustice pushing against the cellular walls of her skin: to live in her body is to know what powerlessness is.

When I think of God, I think of might and unparalleled majesty. I think of the One who breathed and created with His thoughts and Words the heavens and earth and feel the smallness of my human frame. I see my origins are dust and after a lifelong walk, will be dust again.

When I am contemplating our God the hum inside me, the reminder of who I am in worldly structure, is quieted, softened and suppressed into a narrow gap inside my heart. It is in His presence I am momentarily able to recognize the distorted power of sin filled humanity and baske in the power of the One who wrapped Himself in bones and flesh,  who knelt down at the feet of His friends, who placed the mightiest power (so grand we cannot comprehend) under the utmost control and said with His actions You before Me.

Real and authentic power gets low to the ground, crouching into the dust and lifts weary faces into the light, suppressing the hum that wants to convince that we are all snakes in the garden, eaters of forbidden fruit, too wrought with shame to look up, to walk free. Real power breaks chains and places all things in their rightful place, dismantling the powers that abuse and terrorize.

Our God is raising up an army cloaked with His truth, His Word, His Son, His Spirit and His children  are grinding their heels deep, rooting into and returning to His love, leaning into His grace and mercy. The song of His victory is replacing the hum of thousands of years of hurts, abuses, separations, enslavement and injustice. He is righting the wrongs in the biggest and smallest places of His story, the story He is writing with breath and word.

That low hum of defeat and powerlessness vaporizes in the face of our God. It dissipates and becomes benign when His people link arms, bound together at the foot of the cross, in the washing of blood. His power manifests in the gift of grace and peace when sons and daughters join in fellowship and unity. His power is made complete when His people agree with Him and take a stand against  injustice. His still small voice encourages us and replaces the humming of generations of lies and death.

For that small voice that whispers after the wind, the earthquake and the fire names us and these are His words:

For God gave us a spirit not of fear, but of power, love and self-control. 2 Timothy 1:7

Let us remember brothers and sisters, from where our Spirit of power comes. He is inviting us to  step into our role in His great story, the story that eradicates fear and hopelessness.