Slow Down, Summer

Slow Down, Summer

It’s that time of year. We are rounding out to the end of summer. Only a few weeks left before kids head back to school, routines change, pools close, and the weather begins to shift.

I love this time of year. Although I know New Years Day is traditionally for goals and resolutions, the fall always feels like a clean start for me. It’s the memories of fresh notebooks and pencils, class schedules, and school calendars floating in the back of my mind. But this year it feels different.

How are you hanging in there, friend? This summer flew by fast for our family. We had a big move, trips, work, and all the typical things that come with summer (read: full of energy children). My summer feels like I barely dipped my toe in the pool and now the water is gone. I am mourning the missed season and the changeover. But, like I am telling myself, I am telling you – we’ve got time.

There are sixteen days until my kids start school and I am going to practice a few pieces of intention in the meantime. Want to join me? Here there are:

  • Morning Coffee Slow Down: Instead of sipping my coffee as I run around the house, I am going to take a pause. I am going to sit for five minutes and look out a window (or sit outside). This will give me time for a few deep breaths, a mental pause, and enjoy God’s creation.
  • Finish Summer Strong List: We have sat down with our children to make a list of a few things we would like to intentionally make happen before summer ends. Nothing too fancy or big, just a few things we can do together. You don’t need kids to do this. Make your own list!
  • Reflective Writing: My journal has gotten dusty during this summer season. I will dust it off and write a bit, reflect on what I am grateful for, mourn what is gone, and dream about what is to come. It’s important to take a pause before the next season kicks off. Consider writing an intention for your last few weeks.

Summer is drawing to an end and a new season is about to begin. Take the opportunity to give it purpose, intention, and meaning. Lay it before the Lord as you consider this time and recognize His presence with you as you finish your summer season.