For He Shows Me The Way #GiveTheGiftOfHope

I was stuck, trapped in a life of despair.
The Lord took my hand and said, “I care.”
He led me to a house at the end of the street,
“Here are some people I want you to meet.

They will help you on a journey, you see:
A journey of healing, a journey to Me.
I will give you peace, and let you rest.
All I ask you is: open your heart; do your best.

When on your journey, remember, I’m by your side.
Be honest and open; there is no need to hide.
For I love you, my child, and know it all,
And I’m here to catch you if you start to fall.

Healing and my love is what it’s all about.
I give you this place; there’s no need to doubt.
I died for my children upon that cross,
So take my gift; let me heal your loss.

This house on the corner is where I want you to be.
This House of Hope is here to set you free.”


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