Support Groups

Experience community and build lasting relationships when you take part in support groups at House of Hope.

What’s a Support Group?

A support group is a safe place for women to gather, share their experiences, and encourage each other. Enjoy a comfortable environment where you can be yourself and connect with new friends. All women over age 18 are invited.

How Do I Attend?

Join at any time because our meetings are drop-in groups. No registration is needed.

Groups at House of Hope

Take part in a discussion that suits your interests. House of Hope offers:

  • Come As You Are – Helping women forge authentic, purposeful, meaningful relationships with God, self, and others! Held each Friday from 1 pm to 3 pm.
  • Grief Support Group — Find support and healing in a safe place with caring people. Held the last Monday of each month from 6:30 to 8:30 pm.

Start a Support Group

If you’re interested in leading a community group at House of Hope, your group must:

  • Offer a safe and welcoming environment
  • Agree with our mission and statement of faith
  • Respect our general guidelines, such as our no alcohol or tobacco policy
  • Inform participants of our services and give them the opportunity to sign up for more information
  • Give out House of Hope materials when relevant to the group

Apply today to start a group or contact Courtney Misener, director of programs and engagement.