Four-Month Residency

Find purpose, support, and shelter when you live at House of Hope during our Four-Month Residency program, a structured personal and spiritual growth plan that’s tailored to you.

Program Benefits

While you stay at House of Hope, you’ll:

  • Live in a comfortable, nurturing, and private environment
  • Build skills and self-esteem
  • Grow your relationship with God
  • Address unhealthy habits
  • Take part in classes
  • Share your experiences and find friendship at support groups

Count on the caring team at House of Hope to create a personalized program that meets your unique goals, needs, and interests.

Who Can Apply

House of Hope is open to all women older than 18. You’re welcome to have visitors with the approval of staff.


The cost of your Four Month Residency is $1,000. This covers all of your housing expenses, as well as the fee for most of your classes. This can be paid before you move in or in monthly payments during your stay.

You may be able to apply for a scholarship to help cover costs.


Our four month residency is offered in the fall and spring each year. Our fall stay kicked off in August 2019 and will run through December 2019. Applications for Spring term 2020, are due by December 31st.


Complete the form below today and expect to hear back from a House of Hope staffer within one to two weeks.