Press in to God

“Press in to God.”

Have you heard that phrase before? I am afraid that for as many times as I heard it, I also found myself asking, “What does it mean?”

In theory I knew what it meant – you were most likely in the middle of challenging circumstances and desperately desiring revelation or freedom from God’s direction. Right?

Well, press in!

But again…how? Theories are beautiful, but I need steps. I need direction and checklists and blueprints for how to do something, or I get paralyzed and I stall.

But I think I stumbled upon the secret. You don’t really press in – He presses on you. And the results are amazing.

When confronted face-to-face with insecurities, my natural inclination is to bury my head in the sand and hope nobody notices. But then my second inclination is to run to God and seek validation for my feelings. I whisper the things I’m afraid to voice to others and hope He can help prove me wrong. Sometimes I don’t hear anything right away. But always, encouragement starts to surround me in uncanny ways.

I will suddenly be invited to coffee by a woman I look up to and have been wishing to get to know. My pastor will “randomly” call just to check in and see how things are going. Validation and encouragement will suddenly come from so many people. Covering. So much covering. God presses on you in the most comforting way, like a baby who loves to be swaddled.

I didn’t need blueprints for this. I didn’t really do anything.

Well, almost anything. I told Him things. I opened my worries to Him. I let Him see my insecurities.

And then He did all the pressing.

From contributing writerEmily Muhlbach,Board Member

From contributing writer
Emily Muhlbach,
Board Member