Picture of a living stone

We’ve had several requests for a printed copy of the final part of Executive Director Katie Sandquist’s message at the House of Hope Banquet. So, we decided to share it with all of you on the blog!


StonesAs God builds up House of Hope with His living stones, we will see that woman, that couple, and that family live as the people they really are, live as God created them to be.

We will see that woman restored. She will be kind, she will be wise, she will be funny. She will move with a confidence that draws us in and makes us feel safe and confident ourselves.

We will see her firm and tender in the face of criticism and accusation, and her heart will pour out an unoffendable grace. She will be radiant and filled with light. She will carry that light, unshaken, into the darkest places and the darkness will flee.

She will be powerful. Her eyes will see beyond carefully constructed masks and diversions and her voice will invite others to be exposed and released.

We will see her embrace herself as gloriously human, accepting of her failures, rejoicing in her lack. She will be beautifully needy but expecting nothing of any person. She will be continuously filled in the fullness of her neediness by the extravagance of the Lover of Her Soul.

We will see that couple restored. They will move as one with celebration of the unique and complementary differences between them. They will model love and respect and honor. They will support, they will encourage, they will confess, they will repent, and they will forgive. We will see them revealing to the world a mysterious union between the Living God and His beloved bride.

We will see that family restored. They will be a refuge. They will be a community. They will be greenhouse where the young and tender are nourished, protected, and pruned until they are ready to bear fruit that feeds many. We will see them become a home for the wandering… teachers for the wayward… arms to hold the vulnerable. They will be a birthplace of generations who will bear the presence of Jesus to the world.

We will see them become as living stones being built up into a spiritual house!

The Lord is building a foundation of Hope for His House, His House of Hope.

Where is your place as a living stone?


1 Peter 2:4-5a

“As you come to Him, the Living Stone–rejected by humans but chosen by God and precious to Him–you also, like living stones, are being built into a spiritual house…”