Oh, Worry

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Worry, worry, worry, worry.

Worry just will not seem to live my mind alone ~ Ray LaMontagne

Oh, worry. I know you.

Worry and anxiety, for me, are like salt and pepper. They belong together. Like most of my emotions, worry moves. It moves from my mind, to my stomach, through my skin and under my skin. It steals my sleep and tricks my appetite. I breathe it in and out, deeper and longer, until all I know is worry.

Some days I worry, that the worry will never go away. Some days worry is a distraction, something for my mind to do instead of what my mind needs to be doing.

These emotions, the ones that keep us walking the floors at night, and keep us asking questions that don’t have answers, and play games with our physical health, and wage war on our mental health, they are bright, shinning, beautiful, open invitations to talk with God. Each one of them is an open spot on God’s couch.

Early in my faith walk I used to pray that God would change people, change them for His purpose. He gut checked me in one of those prayers, asking me to stop praying that He would change people and start praying that He would use people. And so I did.

And now, I do the same with myself, and all that I feel. I stopped asking God to change me, and started asking Him to use me. And since my days that are full of worry and anxiety are a part of me, I offer it to be used, instead of changed. I find these days have sweet, healing dialogue between my Creator and my soul. However long it lasts, I will be present and open to it, and I will take it to him in prayer.

Not sure how you feel about worry, friends. Or if you even do. I want to encourage you to allow it to be used. Allow it to have a seat. There may be no reason for its visit, or there may be many reasons, but it doesn’t need to be explained away. It needs to be acknowledged, felt, and used. It is information, and another opportunity, invitation even, to talk to God.

One of the most amazing things about our Creator is that he created us to FEEL. So we must. We must feel what is coming, and use it to decide when our lives are out of balance. The energy we use to host worry could be used to openly, honestly, and deeply pray to a God who is listening and His son who is waiting. It is found all through scripture that God is with is and for us. When worry comes, we can remind our heart that we have a God that can and will steady our shaking.

Tuck His promises into your heart. When worry comes, take it to His throne. He is there, eagerly waiting to talk with you.

Because he hath inclined his ear unto me,

therefore will I call upon him as long as I live.

Psalm 116:2

Contentment is something that we know about but that we don’t always experience. It´s easier for us to relate with feelings of tension and anxiety than with those of contentment and peace. We live in a world that has a rapid pace and one million reasons for us to be stressed, nevertheless we can learn how to experience contentment even if the circumstances around us don’t change.

“9 Keys to Contentment” is a study of the Book of Philippians and how Paul the Apostle lived a life of contentment in the mist of prisons and persecution. He said in Philippians 4:11: “I’ve learned to be content in whatever situation I’m in.”

We invite you to join us and see how you too can learn to be content in whatever situation you are in.

It will be an interactive class/workshop where we will discover together how each of these 9 keys can open our hearts to contentment and joy.

KEY 1. Trust in God KEY 2. Praise and Joy KEY 3. Overcome Worry KEY 4. Renew the Mind KEY 5. Justified by Christ KEY 6. Leave the Past in the Past KEY 7. Obey the Lord KEY 8. First Things First KEY 9. Serve Others

Note: Based on a study of Sharon Steele.

Starts Tuesday, May 30th
1:00-2:30pm 6 Week Class
Class Fee: $30
Facilitator: Astrid Gale

Register here.