Needing Help

Needing Help

Tight chest.

Racing heart.

Pacing mind.

This is what anxiety felt like to me.

Anxiety used to disable me.  It was something that controlled me and prowled around my dreams.  I couldn’t move forward because I was fearful about what each new step brought.  I was afraid to tell the truth in my relationships because of all the possible ramifications it could bring.

I kept my body under a tight leash to try to keep others from noticing. But some days it became too much to manage and I would lose all control.  I would weep, shout, rage, or become unable to use my words.  At this point, I knew I had let it get too far.  Anxiety was driving my life.

Enter Therapist #1.

Friends, Therapist #1 was really important.  She was young and lovely. She listened and helped me feel like a normal person again.  Together we discussed triggers and I learned how to manage them.  I wasn’t ready to get at the root of my anxiety, but she helped me walk out what I was ready to address.  We prayed together and she gave me permission to express my fear to God without shame.

Later down the road, my marriage hit a hard place. In reality, we had been in a hard place for a long time.  I knew that in order for us to move forward, we needed help. Enter Therapist #2.

Therapist #2 is where we found footing in our marriage again.  We sat on a couch together each week and told each other the truth in a loving way.  We set boundaries, created places of understanding, and designed new ways to communicate.

Eventually I made it back to Therapist #2’s couch on my own.  Anxiety had crept back into my life and I was ready to address it. She brought new perspective to the way I experienced the world and offered insight to my struggle. Again, I felt like a normal human being on her couch. This time I was ready to address deep root issues that were holding me back.  I could finally feel free.

Recently, my husband and I hit a rock in the road to a healthy marriage and found ourselves on another couch.  It didn’t take much, but Therapist #3 opened communication back up and helped us get right to the root of where our struggle lay.  We walked away with more tools and clearer ways to communicate from the heart.

Everybody needs help sometimes.  Sometimes help comes from a good friend over a picnic table.  And sometimes help comes from a professional therapist (for me with a cup of coffee).


Did you know that anxiety is the most common form of mental illness in the United States?  Or that marriage is hard? Sometimes it takes a second set of kind eyes to get you on the path of freedom and wholeness. We were not designed to go it alone. Call 319-366-4673 or send us a message today to set up an appointment with one of our professional therapists. They are ready and able to help you navigate life’s toughest stuff.