My Cup Overflows!

Every morning I set my alarm to wake me in the early hours. I pad down the back stairs to the kitchen where my preprogrammed pot is full of freshly brewed, rich, dark coffee, its inviting aroma drawing me ever nearer. I take one of my favorite mugs from the cupboard and quietly fill it up, sipping carefully as I walk back upstairs to my favorite place to meet with my God. I know he’s there and I excitedly arrange my Bible, journal and books before settling down into a comfortable restful wait. I hold the cup of steaming Java to my lips and wait for him by saying, “Good morning Father God! Here I am! It is so good to be with you. Come and find a quiet resting place in my heart.”


I know that this quiet time with God is when He can “fill my cup.” Not the one that is already full of coffee, but the one in my heart that can feel so empty. I have come to view my heart-cup as the vulnerable child I used to be, the one who needs comfort, acceptance, love and validation. She longs for reassurance, encouragement, security, boundaries, kindness, and safety, among other things. She needs and needs and needs. She still lives within me and still has those needs. But when I try harder to fill her with the desire for people’s praise, too much food or exhausting busyness, she is never filled up. We always want more.


So I bring my heart to the One who knows and loves her well and together we rest with Him. We read and journal over scripture and learn of His great love for us. We pray and write and throughout the day I can remind her of the truth we heard in the morning, listen to her and assure her of His love, as well as my own.


One day I read from Psalm 23:5 and in several translations I found: my cup brims with blessing. My cup runneth over. You fill my cup to the brim. My cup overflows. My brimming cup overflows. My cup is so full it spills over!


Ah, this is wonderful truth!! He fills my emptiness. NOT ME. It is my job to hear him, to receive from him and to let him fill me. Then the cup gets so full that it overflows. And you know what the overflow is?




Pure joy. Freshly brewed, straight from the Father, filled with assurance, lovingkindness, acceptance and good-enough-ness. Spilling joy brimming with thankfulness, sloshing with the overflow of His goodness.


Mmmm….do you smell that delicious aroma? Head on over to a favorite quiet place and open up your emptiness to the God of the universe, Lover of your soul, Father of your heart and drink fully of his presence, his Truth and his unconditional love. So rich. So satisfying. So overflowing. So more-than-enough.


From the desk ofDeane Watters, The Ultimate Journey Director

From the desk of
Deane Watters, The Ultimate Journey Director