Meet Lori Rock, Operations Coordinator

IMG_5625Hello my name is Lori Rock and I am the new Operations Coordinator at House of Hope. My journey to House of Hope has been amazing and I’d like to share just one piece of that journey with you.

A few years ago I applied for the Executive Directors position. As I was preparing for the interview I read through the mission statement as well as the core values. Being in the corporate world in management I felt it had prepared me for this role, yet I remember being overly nervous as I pulled up to the House in plenty of time for my interview.

I had a few minutes and as I sat in my car I tried to contemplate what they would ask me almost to the point of driving myself crazy. As I heard the calming voice of my Father encouraging me to breath I said a short prayer. Lord, just let me be a blessing to one person, no matter what happens just one person, let me impact one person for you today.

When I walked into the House I took a seat and was advised it would be a bit before they got to me. Within just a few seconds a young lady sat down near me and we began to have a conversation. She started telling me her story. She was there from another state and was participating in a 3 month stay. She had just started Ultimate Journey and was really struggling with the content and the emotions it was stirring up inside of her. As we talked I shared with her my personal struggles and experience with the same class and encouraged her to stick with it. To push through and to do whatever she could to get freedom. Not only for herself but for her family. We talked about several things and the Lord really gave me the words to pour into her of His love and desire for her to be free and whole.

Eventually I was called to the top floor of House of Hope and there I found myself facing an 8-10 personal panel interview. Well to make a long story short the interview did not go very well. It was a hard interview, the ladies were professional but it was an important role and the questions were tough and necessary to place the right person in the position. As my interview ended I remember walking out of the House somewhat disappointed with myself, but low and behold on the porch sat the same young lady. I stopped and we spent a few me minutes together encouraging one another not to give up but to go the distance. To let the Lord have His way and that His way was always best.

I have to be honest as I drove home that day I remember going over and over in my head what I could have said differently, why did I say this and why didn’t I say that all the wy home . As I pulled into our driveway, I heard the still small voice of the Father ask me what I had asked Him to do for me today. As the realization of what I had asked Him collided with the memory of what had happened before I even went into the interview poured over me like a refreshing cool breeze.

He reminded me in the middle of me being so hard on…well me that He had answered the desire of my heart, He had heard my prayer. I heard His calming voice tell me that He wants His children to be so surrendered to Him that we would be willing to go to a job interview at a place that we may or may not get the job just for one of His own…..just to touch the heart of one of His lambs.

Well as you all know, I didn’t get the job….that one anyway, but I cherished the lesson God gave me on being willing to go where He goes, say what He says and love whom He loves. Now as I enter House of Hope as a staff member I will continue to treasure that experience and not let one person go unnoticed by me because they never go unnoticed by Our Heavenly Father.