Making Brownies

Brownies Yum! 2012-10-25 004“Hey buddy! Do you want to make brownies with me?”

My son Nathan’s face lit up at this invitation, and he ran into the kitchen, ready to get started. Now, I’m not exactly what you would call a domestic diva, so to me, making brownies is a pretty short process, mostly revolving around a Betty Crocker box and a stand mixer. Yet for Nathan, each step was the pinnacle of excitement. He jumped back and forth while I opened the box. His face was completely covered with a giant grin as he got to cut open the bag of brownie mix. As he dumped the mix into the bowl, a little bit spilled on the counter. He looked at me for reassurance, and I grinned at him.

“No problem, sweetie! I can fix that.” And I swept the brown powder into the bowl.

Two eggs, a little water, and two minutes of mixing, and they were ready. Into the pan, into the oven, and soon our entire kitchen was filled with the delicious smell of chocolate.

Now of course, as much as I love chocolate, the brownies were absolutely not the point. Nathan was the point: spending time with him, involving him in what I was doing, showing him my heart for him. I loved seeing his face light up. I loved the joy expressed in every movement of his body as he got to do this simple thing with his mom. The brownies could have burned black or we could have spilled the entire batter on the floor, and it would have still been a great success.

As I reflected on our fun baking escapade, Father God spoke up. This is how I feel about doing things with you, He said. Whoa.

I let that sink in for a bit. I didn’t need Nathan to help me with the brownies, and God certainly doesn’t need me to accomplish His purposes. He invites me to come along so He can spend time with me, involve me in what He’s doing, and show me His heart for me. That is His focus. So if “the brownie mix spills,” He will lovingly clean it up. Even if “the brownies burn,” the mission is not thwarted because the mission was never about how well I can “make brownies;” the mission is intimacy between Parent and child.

Matthew 18:3

And [Jesus] said: “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.”

So the invitation for me and for you is to become like children with Father God. Whatever it is that He is asking us to do with Him—maybe ministry, marriage, parenting, a career, a cause, or friendship—remember, He invites us not because He needs us but because He loves us. God did not hire us to work for Him; He adopted us to be His kids.

from the desk of Katie Sandquist,Executive Director

from the desk of Katie Sandquist,
Executive Director

So may we respond with all of the joy and eagerness of my little boy—delighted to be with our Daddy, resting in the absolute truth that none of it depends on us. Daddy has it all under control, and there’s something delicious in store.