Little Dee Dee

I saw her again today sweet little Dee Dee playing with dishes in the tiny cupboard mom made in the basement early in December many winters ago.

She was detached sweet smiling not causing any trouble calm in the midst of chaos loved for being good Jesus knows that little one. But, because of the life around her and conclusions drawn, the quiet deception bubbles up within her: not-good-enough not so smart lesser-than in so many ways shameful shy, embarrassed feeling chubby self focused with an unspoken, “would someone tell me I’m OK??”

Today I realized that receiving Jesus into my “heart” includes inviting Him into my whole being – to blow apart the broken and wounded self life and to replace it with Himself so I can be everything I was created to be! Free!

I turn and see that Dee Dee has changed! Jesus in her has grown a lovely, deep, warm, inviting, loved, secure, kind, cherished and respected woman. she has not been made better than before- she has been replaced, made new, fulfilled. the God of the universe has taken residence inside her. He is her self-worth her good-enough-ness her strength her out-going-ness her belovedness her not-ever-alone-again-ness.

I conclude that I am exactly as Jesus wants me to be right now. I can rest. I will rest. I am resting and waiting with Him, thankful for His mighty work within me.

From the desk of Deane Watters, The Ultimate Journey Director