Meet Jennifer James!

What struggles were you facing when you got connected to the House of Hope?

“When I came to the House of Hope, I was hitting bottom from burnout. I had been urged to lay down my ministry that I loved, so that God could work in my heart about Boundaries. So I decided as I let go of one, I knew I needed to surround myself with people that would be healthy, and didn’t have any expectations of me. I needed a place where I could just come and heal. So I signed up for a Boundaries class, and started therapy with Bev.”

What was the turning point (or what was spoken to you) that got you moving towards hope and restoration?

“Well, I thought that I would just take this class, come talk to Bev and it would be fixed and over with and I could go back to the way things were before. I didn’t quite understand how much of the structure of my life had set me up for burn out, dysfunction, and the lies that have taken root giving me a false identity. As I have gone about tearing down all these structures in my life, it has been very hard, but I am learning that I can do hard. And I can find people at the House of Hope that are also doing very hard things. It means a lot to know that I don’t have to do this all alone.

How has this impacted your life today (and those around you aka children/spouse/co-workers)?

Over the last year, I have been equipped to see how much of my life, I have been allowing other people to cross my boundaries, and I have allowed them to define me instead of forming my identity in Christ, and who He has created me to be. I have had several crucial conversations about crossed boundaries and setting boundaries. Through counseling, and deeply soaking in the Presence of God during my Sacred Journey class I have been able to heal from wounds, where I can now stand in spaces where I don’t feel safe, or have not been safe in the past and be vulnerable, show up in who I am, and know that no matter what happens, God has me, loves me, and I am never alone.


Because of House of Hope, I have had a place of refuge where I could come and just be loved, equipped, encouraged, and empowered to make the hard changes in my life. My journey has just begun and I am so glad to have this space where I can just be me.


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