Isolation vs. Insulation

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I have felt isolated most of my life in one way shape or form.   Sometimes it has been self imposed other times it has come via exclusion from different groups of people.   It encompasses friends, family, parties, Facebook, work and unfortunately does not exclude church or religious  functions.  Isolation can be in a room full of people or simply by yourself.   It plays no favorites, but it does play with your mind and emotions.   It plays on your weaknesses and past hurts.   It robs you of your peace, joy, and it definitely robs you of your value and your destiny.

Yet sometimes the very people you are isolated from are the people or situations God uses to insulate you.  Let me explain.

Many times throughout the gospels Jesus removed himself from the crowds to be alone with His Father.  He understood that maintaining a connection with God He would be insulated from the world. A protection if you will from that which can and does cause so much pain.

Rejection, gossip, misunderstanding, plain old jealousy and betrayal. Jesus knew spending time before the throne of grace every day would give Him the power to look past all of the worldly stuff and live the love stuff. The stuff that changed hearts, that healed, that delivered, that embraced those who no one else could or even wanted to try to reach.

At times those who followed Jesus thought He should do this, go here, be available for everyone.  That wasn’t the plan.  The plan was to model how to navigate life. How to cultivate what couldn’t be obtained going to every party, being involved with every get together, nor being a part of every inner circle.

Jesus modeled the difference.   Going away, spending time praying, spending time with His Father gave Him power to endure. Power to endure the crowds, power to endure the hypocrisy, power to endure the cross.

So when you feel isolated, is it really isolation, or is it insulation? Time spent with your Father, time spent cultivating a relationship that can span the pain the world brings your way, navigates through your own pain of believing what the world, what others and even you  tell yourself about your value and embrace the truth of the One who insulates us with His word,with His love, with the very touch of His hand as He wipes the tears of isolation away and shows us a better way to embrace who we are and always will be in Him.

I no longer feel isolated, I feel insulated, insulated with His love, His grace and His great mercy.