Health, Wellness & Healing

Health, Wellness & Healing


Nevertheless, I will bring health and healing to it; I will heal my people and will let them enjoy abundant peace and security. Jeremiah 33:6

For women in particular, there are few topics more emotive than that of our physical health. Our bodies can be the source of much heartache, self-destructive behavior, guilt, shame and failure. We are told by society and media what a woman should look like, how she should dress, what foods she should eat, but mostly the message we receive and practice much of our lives is that our bodies ARE not good enough. So we retaliate in one of a few ways: indifference, punitive restrictions and exercise, or complete neglect.

With much authority I write these things, having worked with hundreds of women from all walks and stages of life over the past ten years, we all have one thing in common: we are at war with our flesh. We have unmet expectations of our physical bodies, we have traumatic experiences embedded into our nervous systems, we have insults and cruel words engraved into our souls, some hurled from outsiders but most of these are self inflicted.

It is a battlefield on the inside, and the evidence is in our health.

If I could just lose 5 pounds…

If I didn’t have these stretch marks…

My face is so old…

My thighs rub together…

I hate shopping for swimsuits…

I am disgusting…

Some version of all of the above has echoed through our minds, as we take a detailed and critical inventory of the worn out woman in the mirror.

It isn’t enough that we carry emotional burdens of one another, of our children, friends, co-workers and husbands but that we bite back on our own and either go harder, give up or fall flat. We wear our shame (and try to hide it), we are confused about why we cannot make health a priority, cannot get to the gym regularly, or say no to the cookies, and so we punish.

We are distraught by the overwhelming plethora of contradicting information bombarding us on every magazine cover, pin and Instagram post.

Eat this, not that.

15 minutes to flat abs.

6 exercises to the best butt ever.

5 foods to shed belly fat.




Whole 30.

Raw foods.


Low carb.

High protein.

Gluten free.

You feeling me?

It’s a disaster out there and even worse, it’s a disaster inside our hearts.

We want to do the right things for our bodies but our bodies don’t behave and so we tighten the chains, restrict more, get tough and ultimately fail.

But Jesus.

Every problem we face in our flesh or otherwise can be solved and answered with those two words: But Jesus.

Nevertheless, I will bring health and healing to it; I will heal my people and will let them enjoy abundant peace and security. Jeremiah 33:6

When I read this verse, I am reminded that our healing, health and flesh are God’s intention, God’s design and God’s business. He is ultimately after our hearts but first He must cut through the lies of the flesh that distract us.

How, as His daughters and sons, are we to enjoy abundant peace and security rather when feel that our bodies are betraying us, changing shapes, sizes and aging with each passing day and believing this is unacceptable?

How can I allow the grace of God to flow through me and effect the people in my life if I am waging war against myself? To kill the desires of the flesh is Jesus’ business, this is part of His job description. He wants to set us free, break our chains and help us to walk in health that we may shine our lights as a city on a hill: beacons of freedom, peace and security, awash in mercy and grace. This is the calling He has placed on our lives in the flesh.

Our physical health is a priority to our God.

He put flesh on and entered into this messy world, moving through all temptations, in order to conquer death, distraction, idol worship, sin and sadness. He walked it out in a human body in order to lead us.

When we neglect our bodies, we do so in distraction and defamation of a God who loves us.

When we control and punish our bodies we do so in idolatry, attempting perfection on our own unattainable terms.

When treat our bodies with indifference, we forsake the home of the Spirit of God, who longs for healthy lungs, strong bodies, clear thinking minds and worship filled hearts.

We live in this flesh.

HE lives in this flesh and His idea for us is freedom in our bodies and minds.

Join me here at the House of Hope blog as we look at and break down practical ways to make our health part of our worship.

Let’s consider inviting Jesus into this conversation, and allow Him to give us the health and healing He can bring to our whole being. He doesn’t look at us in parts and pieces the way we often see ourselves. His idea of healing is all encompassing.

To be continued…