Good, Good Father

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If we’re honest, there can be a lot of disconnects as we wrestle with faith.

For example, take a young girl whose never had a relationship with her earthly dad, never experienced his unconditional love, and tell her that God is a good, good, father.

Take that same fatherless girl, as a young adult, chasing multiple relationships looking for someone to take care of her, and tell her that God is a loving provider ready to take care of her every need.

Tell that sweet girl, who is now a mama, that despite her millions of failed attempts to love her children well, that God is a gracious parent. To her. And to her babies.

You may tell her those things, and because of her experience here, they may not connect. I know that. Because, I was that girl. I am that girl. But don’t give up. I need you to keep telling me. I desperately need to know that God is the perfect parent.

That He doesn’t manipulate me into loving Him.

That He’s both strong, and tender.

That He’s in the stands, cheering, louder than anyone.

That I’m not too much for Him.

That when I fail so hard with my kids, He rushes to their side (and mine) and covers a multitude of my sins.

That at the center of His discipline is His love and my best interest.

That He won’t ever leave me.

That He loves me, and likes me.

That He’s in control, especially when I feel like I’ve lost all of mine.

That He loves when I tell him all the things. Even though He already knows.

That His faithfulness is not dependent on mine, as I fear returning to my time with Him, from all the moments and days that I’ve missed.

That He’s saying, Come back. Come back to me and let Me be your Dad. Let Me reveal My delight in you, My protection over you, and My direction in spite of you.

I have a hunch you need to hear all of that too, right? I suspect that your parents have at the very least disappointed you, and that you yourself have a few parenting fails under your belt as well.

I’m here to say I’m  with you, friends. As that young girl, young adult, and mama who was searching for the good good Father all along, I’ve found Him. And I want you to too.