Give back to your community and make an impact that women we serve will remember forever. Join House of Hope’s group of fun and passionate volunteers, an essential and extensive part of our team.

Volunteer Opportunities

Find the role that suits your interests and skills. Become a member of House of Hope’s:

  • Events Team — Get hands-on experience staffing our events and community outreach initiatives
  • Facilitator Team — Design or lead a class where you can share truth and create a safe place for healing and growth
  • Hospitality Team — Be the friendly face of House of Hope greeting clients as they come through the door, answering phones, and baking treats for events
  • House Management Team — Help us maintain the beauty of our home by making repairs, cleaning, or doing yard work
  • Special Projects Team — Volunteer on an occasional, as-needed basis when we need your help the most

See why one volunteer chooses to donate her time to House of Hope.

Volunteer as a Group

Discover the perfect project for your team of friends, family members, religious group, or coworkers at House of Hope. Email us today for more information.

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Getting to Know You

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