Game Changer

“Failure is not the end.”

It is a phrase thrown out there a lot, but do we really see it for what it’s worth? Do we know how that applies to us? It’s easy to gloss over silly motivational phrases and inspirational quotes, but do we let them hold true for ourselves? Or only for others?

Because I fail. I could use a promise like that.

It’s a very familiar feeling, failure. Whether we place the expectation of perfection on ourselves or if others speak it over us, we have grown to know the feeling of not doing “it” the right way. Having the empowerment and freedom to break off those burdens is a key tenet of House of Hope’s mission. And while there is hope and grace ready to surpass any burden, there is another promise that we sometimes forget, and that is failure doesn’t end everything. It doesn’t start the game over.

When we were young my brothers and I would play Mario on the Nintendo. We would work and fret and stress over getting to Level 8 – only to sometimes lose when we had reached Level 7 and be forced to start all over again.

What mercy that we do not live in the land of Mario. We are never sent back to Level 1, forced to start all over again.

As I struggle over things I can’t perfect, I also feel an unmistakable reassurance; the knowledge that even if things are not done quite right, they can still be used. Instead of praying, “Oh God, I messed this up,” we can say, “God use this to help show me…what did you want me to grasp? How will you make this greater than I imagined? Use this for something better.”

It’s not game over. But it might be a different level. He’s the ultimate game-maker, and your “lives” never run out. On the contrary, your awareness of His work will only increase as you allow Him to enter your failure.

You didn’t mess anything up – you are allowing Him to live out His glory and mighty work. And that, my friends, is a game worth playing.

From contributing writerEmily Muhlbach,Board Member

From contributing writer
Emily Muhlbach,
Board Member