Finding Freedom Through Fitness

My journey in becoming a Revelation Wellness instructor is one of clarification, redemption and freedom.  I’ve been teaching fitness classes for over 7 years with the idea of giving people a “good experience”, striving to be the instructor people are drawn to, and teaching out of fear that if I don’t workout, my body will get “fat” and I will be unattractive.

Two years ago, God led me to read a book called “Circle Maker” by Matt Batterson.  This book was about having BIG DREAMS because Big Dreams gives God room to be God.  Otherwise we will take the credit for success.  God laid on my heart in such a profound way that Fitness and Nutrition were 100% about HIM.  He gave me a vision about working out as a form of worship and relationship with Him.

While running on the treadmill, listening to Christian music thinking…”there has to be people other than myself that like to workout to Christian music”, he stirred a vision for me to step into leadership and begin a mission of using fitness and nutrition to bring people to Himself.  I started putting music and moves together in what was a “zumba-like” workout.  I approached my church (New Covenant Bible Church) with the idea of fitness classes taught at church.  I was led to lead a bible study AND fitness class with a few other like-minded people.  It was then, through a friend that I met Jessie Lowe at a “Jesus to the Core” event where I discovered Revelation Wellness and Holy Yoga.  I wanted to be a Holy Yoga instructor like my friends, but they said, “you are more of a Rev Well girl” – a little more high strung”.

I began teaching Faith and Fitness classes at church and started following Revelation Wellness online and Facebook.  After much prayer about the financial and time commitment – I jumped in and signed up to be a Revelation Wellness Instructor.

My Rev Well journey has involved; 200+ hours of bible study, anatomy instruction, weekly calls, prayer partner, a 5-day intensive retreat and working OUT while working IN.  God began to reveal to me that my “worship workout” was NOT about me being the best instructor, about MY body, or about what other people thought of me.  It was about setting me FREE from those things – that my body is secondary to my heart and mind, which are in a relationship with HIM.  Working out is about taking care of the vessel HE dwells in – so listening to HIM for my movement and food choices.  My job in teaching others is to just “deliver the pizza” (everybody loves pizza – I just bring it, and God does the rest).  He continues to clarify His vision for how I should share His word through fitness and nutrition and is taking all the lies I’ve believed about myself and speaking truth over WHO I am and WHOSE I am.  I am finding freedom in not having the perfect body, but having a heart that is passionately, madly in love with Him and taking steps of faith in obedience to His calling.  Dreaming BIG and doing BIG things – allows GOD to be seen in a Big way, because there is no way I could be doing this without HIM!  Revelation Wellness has brought me to a place of recognizing these things and supporting me through a network of like-minded people who are a faith tribe for encouragement and support.

I am so humbled at being a servant of God by teaching fitness classes to bring people to Himself; to help them be FREE from strongholds of fear, shame, pride and lies about about the body.  This is like bringing the “bible to bootcamp”, working out and work in, and exchanging strongholds for spiritual, emotional and physical strength!  #fitnessteachergospelpreacher

Heidi Winteroad


A cardio driven workout for EVERYbody and EVERY fitness level. Enjoy upbeat Christian music while moving your body in worship and sweating out some stress. The workout will including drumsticks (provided) for a new and exciting way to express yourself. #comeforthefitness #stayforJesus

Join us for an hour of worship and moving your body. ​ Starting June 5th, 6 weeks: Mon, Wed, Fri 11:45-12:45 pm.

Cost: $10 Drop In
6 Classes/6 Weeks – $42
12 Classes/6 Weeks – $84
18 Classes/6 Weeks – $108
*$10 class credit for perfect attendance to put towards next session!