Even So

even so

My five year old (Teo) and I sat cooing at our family’s newest baby, Remy. “We love you so much, Remy!” I said, and Remy smiled up at us. We played like this for a few minutes, lavishing affection on baby brother, when Teo stopped and whispered with tentative sincerity, “Mom, do you love Remy more than you love me?”

These are some of the most precious moments in parenthood—when the opportunity to minister to your children lands solidly and graciously in your lap. When your babies are bold enough to ask you the questions troubling their little hearts, and you are prepared because it is a question you’ve wrestled through with God and found Him faithful.

And so I shared this mama’s heart, the same one that reflects the parental love of our God, and spoke,

“Son, when you entered our family, I learned the depth and breadth of love, which is simply this: there is no limit to a mother’s love for her children. Your new brother does not take from the love we have for you; in fact, we simply multiply infinity by two children now. And do you know how much infinite-love is when it’s multiplied by two?”

Infinite love,” we agreed together.

His smile is shy and happy… children are so easy to read, so readily reassured. I thank God for him. But I’m not done with him because there’s something significant he needs to know, something that set me free just a few years ago. Something that I fought hard for and needs to be spoken—for a time when I am not around to remind him.

It is the very Best News. The News that steps in when our earthly parents fail us, as earthly parents tend to do. It’s the promise that has stood the test of time in every new transition and every unexpected pain in my life.

In Isaiah 49:15, our God tells us, “Can a mother forget the baby at her breast and have no compassion on the child she has borne? Even so, I will never forget you.

And so, I confess to my son: I will fail you, sweetheart. I’ve already failed you in a million little ways. I am not perfect, and my love for you, though deep and strong, is just a taste of God’s affection for you. There may come a day when I disappoint you, or someone is cruel, or your friends desert you, or your body fails… and when that day comes, I want you to whisper this promise to your heart: Even so.

Should your parents love your new baby brother more than they love you, even so, God will never forget you. If all of your friends leave your side, even so, God will never forget you. If you cannot see one good thing about yourself, even so, God will never forget you.

God is our most perfect parent, and He longs to fill the spaces within us that only He can. Jesus spoke these words to Jerusalem, “how often I have longed to gather your children together, as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings.” There is comfort to be found in this family of God—where instead of striving for favoritism, power, and control, we’re simply huddled together following our perfect parent wherever He goes.

What would it mean for us to live as people convinced of God’s affection for us? To respond to transitions, gossip, or heartbreak with His simple, steady promise: even so. When we live from the steady rock of our perfect parent’s affection, we get to leave the big, weighty hurts and worries with Him and rest in the comfort and simplicity of being one of many beloved, wayward chicks huddled beneath the wings of our God.

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