Meet Deb.

I was blessed to attend a 3-month guest stay at the beautiful the House of Hope (HOH) in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. When I came to HOH in September 2016, I was a mess; emotionally and spiritually. My relationship with God was strained do to my back-sliding and selfishness, my marriage of 20 years was over (in my estimation), my teenage children were out of control, and I was failing at both home and business.

The fabulous HOH staff came along side of me to love me where I was at. During my stay, they encouraged, equipped, and empowered me to become the best I can be; the best wife, the best mother, the best daughter, and the best servant God.

The core curriculum that I participated in during my stay was called “The Ultimate Journey”. During this 12-week class, I was able to uncover the lies that I have believed since childhood, and to replace those lies with Gods truth, and learn to walk that out. I learned to look at myself lovingly, through the eyes of Jesus, and was taught how to affirm and care for myself. Also, during my stay, I was able to participate in a host of fabulous classes, gatherings, studies, and events. I was able to attend counseling at the HOH as well.

I thank God, the HOH staff, and you, the community, that supports HOH! Without you, I would still be living in the problem, rather than the solution. Let me share the wonderful outcomes of my journey with you: First and foremost, God showed up mightily! I re-dedicated my life to Him, and I am passionate to serve Him. My marriage has been fully restored! I am equipped with great tools to implement in my home and with my children. I have a new insight regarding my business affairs and how God will direct me in the marketplace going forward.

It is my honor to support the HOH with a monthly financial gift, as well as with prayer, so that the HOH will be there for others to be nurtured, healed and made whole when the Lord calls them to enter the doors of the House of Hope.

Thank you for all that you are, and all that you do!


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