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February 27, 2013

Living Giving Words

Powerful, life giving words: I don’t want you to worry.  I am on your side.  I will be your ally and I have the power to […]
February 19, 2013

“Needing Love”

“He just needs love.” This was my mom’s answer whenever I complained about an unruly child I was babysitting. It was also the answer when she […]
February 12, 2013

What does Allying Look Like?

What does it look like? You know, living the truth. How does that actually work?  Well, if you would like to just slip inside my mind […]
February 4, 2013

Dangerous Hope

What does life look like for a recovering performance addict? There are the exhilarating moments of freedom, believing God really does have it covered—that I don’t […]
January 29, 2013

A Readiness to Receive

Recently, my pastor referenced Shel Silverstein’s classic children’s book, The Giving Tree, during a sermon. The book is a simple story about a tree who loves […]
January 23, 2013

Game Changer

“Failure is not the end.” It is a phrase thrown out there a lot, but do we really see it for what it’s worth? Do we […]
January 17, 2013

Take Every Thought Captive

Is there anything more powerful than the amazing peace we experience in those moments when we surrender our will over to God and abide in His […]
January 4, 2013

Are You Hungry?

Almost every day I wake up hungry for something: breakfast, fresh air, a cup of coffee, fellowship with friends, maybe even a few more minutes of […]
November 20, 2012


Truth can be so remarkably subtle. A thing so bright and clear, so obvious — and yet we simply fail to see it. And it can […]