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April 14, 2015

The Greater Miracle

“Mommy, I love you. You’re the best mommy in the whole world. …Can I have some candy?” Have you ever felt manipulated like this? Perhaps it […]
March 12, 2015

The Invitations

A little pink envelope waited on the kitchen table. Nervously I tore into it. “You are invited to my birthday party!” Surprised and delighted I ran […]
March 3, 2015

Deception hunting

I curl up in the corner of Starbucks and open up James. I love James. He’s kind of the drill instructor of the Bible. James gives […]
February 9, 2015

Do not rejoice in this

I’m someone who gets excited, which is something I seem to be known for. I feel this passion, for the mission, for what God’s doing, for […]
February 4, 2015

Running up the Stairs

It was 50 years ago, this month that my dad died in a road construction accident. He was driving a pay loader that somehow went off […]
January 28, 2015

Not This Again!

  I regularly benefit from my devotional “Jesus Calling”.  Many days it really does seem like God is talking directly to me.  This morning was one […]
January 15, 2015

The story unfolds

For the entire ten years of our marriage, my husband Andrew and I have felt a consistent call home. We are both from small towns in […]
January 14, 2015


I love Christmas carols. They invoke images of childhood, the excitement and warmth of family gatherings, memories of simpler times. This year however, I seemed to […]
January 9, 2015

This is hard

So there’s this thing that I’ve been struggling to keep believing: it’s okay to be weak, to make mistakes, to be limited. That abandoning self-reliance and […]