Biblical Womanhood? Part 3

There is something about the word biblical that sounds so scary to me, so serious. I grew up in the church, attending every Sunday school, Awana program, Youth Group and conference I could get my hands on. I looked up to the women who taught my classes, conferences, and small groups. Something about these women felt safe and comfortable and, for that, I am so thankful.

I know that’s not everyone’s story. but it’s mine. I was surrounded by women who loved me and kept pointing my tender heart to Jesus.

I am a formula type of girl and a bit of a perfectionist. I looked at each of these women, put them into bite size pieces, and formulated what biblical womanhood must mean.

She was sweet and soft. She listened well to others and kept her thoughts to herself. She knew the Bible like she knew the back of her hand. She gently prodded others to Jesus. She looked modest and wonderful all the time. She never questioned her husband. She wanted to have all the babies and loved all children as if they were her own. She led women’s Bible studies and was crafty. She loved the color pink and flowers and had lots of highlighters.

Let me tell you, biblical woman didn’t look like me one bit. But I tried her on for size.

Where did this even come from? The women that surrounded me were career women, stay-at-home-mamas, single, divorced, widowed, and married. They were strong, soft, gentle, and heavily opinionated. Some were athletic, others baked cookies every week. They looked nothing like what I had pictured, but I tried it on all the same.

I am sure you can guess it; biblical womanhood didn’t fit me well. I struggled, wrestled, and squeezed myself into that square hole. It was painful and it led to disaster.

But Jesus.

Somewhere in the wrestling, Jesus met me. He met me there with all my tears and fears. Over and over again, He reminded me, “You are loved. You are free. My burden is easy and light. And Friend, this doesn’t look good on you.”

I looked around and saw women walking shackle free. And I looked down and saw that my shackle was broken but there I still sat like a slave.

That first step to freedom felt good… but it felt scary.

It’s scary moving forward without a formula. All those women before me, I think they may have been unsure too but they were doing it anyway.

The one thing I find in common with my forerunners?

They loved Jesus.
They loved me.

That’s it. Those forerunners made lots of different choices but man, they loved Jesus and they loved me. It made all the difference in the world. Today, I have taken their shared model and applied it to me. What does Biblical Womanhood look like?

It looks like loving Jesus, loving others, and loving me—the me He designed me to be.

“It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.” Galatians 5:1


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