Be Small

It was such a gift. Walking with my Father. A cool, peaceful October night. Me swift and silent in the darkness. The brightest stars cutting through the light pollution of the city to mark out the familiar constellations.

I talked to Him, Father. Shared my praise, my confession, my thanksgiving, my needs and hopes. Then to listen. To hear from Him. I thought of what I knew to be true. That He is my protector and refuge. That He loves me with an everlasting love.

Small MoonBut I hadn’t yet heard what felt like His voice alone. Until I turned down the last block. I looked up at the moon. Bright, shining down a cool, white light.

And I heard…

Be small.

I drank in the immensity all around me. The stretching black sky. The stars, whose light reaches me from distances I have no capacity to comprehend. I looked around at the towering, shadowed trees, and heard the rustling of dry fallen leaves. I look at the homes and the glowing windows behind which whole lives are being lived of which I know nothing.

And I heard…

I created this in a word.

Consider your smallness. Consider My grandeur, My immensity.

Your problems, your needs, your questions can seem so big to you. You might think that you need to become big too. You don’t.

Look at the moon. It is so much smaller than the sun, yet capable of reflecting the sun’s light with breathtaking beauty. It produces no light of its own, yet it is brilliant. It is so much smaller than the earth, and yet in reflecting, pours out light up on it.

In the face of what seems big to you, reject the demand thrust upon you to try to be big.

Be small my dear. Reflect me. My light is enough to illuminate the darkness. Be small. Reveal Me as big.

from the desk of Katie Sandquist,Executive Director

from the desk of Katie Sandquist,
Executive Director