Life in community

Farewell GatheringEvery day at House of Hope we are blessed.  Who are we?  We are the woman coming in for a class.  We are the resident – the strongest of us all – that immerses herself in what God has to give her.  We are the staff, yes we are the staff.  How we praise God for who He is, how we love to watch Him work in us and around us.  We are the woman receiving therapy.  We are the woman coming to a weekly group and we love to gather and share our faith, our lives.   We are the woman coming for a tour learning about this community called House of Hope.  We are the volunteer coming to give our time to serve God.  We are the donor giving our resources to bless others.

Recently we were honored to celebrate with a resident whose time had come to end her season of living at House of Hope.  This does not mean that she is leaving us.  She is part of our community.  This simply means that she is going on to where God is now calling her.   She will continue to pray for us.  She will continue classes at House of Hope.  She will still attend our special events.  She remains in relationship with us.  During the celebration this resident shared a poem she had written and agreed to let me share it with you.  Enjoy.


Thank You

To those who supported me, I thank you.

To those who listened to me, I thank you.

To those who shared their family and their home,

It is for you I write this poem.

To those who took me to lunch & out to talk,

Who called me up and we went for a walk.

To those who prayed for me, encouraged me,

Who let me cry and let me be me.

I thank you for the gifts, both big and small,

For everything you did, I thank you all.

Thank you for the concerts, the movies & road trips.

For our time together and for your friendships.

To those who let me work in your gardens

And tend your flowers,

It was like therapy and it gave me power.

Thank you for the company and your twinkly lights,

As we sat and relaxed on those warm spring nights.

For those who let me rant and rave,

You encouraged me and made me brave.

To those who sat with me on the porch – Oh

That porch – if it could talk –

The prayers it heard, the laughter that was shared,

The tears it felt, the souls that were bared.

I’m so going to miss that porch.

To the girls at the House, thank you for making me feel welcome.

For our talks in the kitchen, the late talks on the stairs,

For the God talks we had and all that we shared.

To the staff at House of Hope,

How do I thank you for being you, in all that you said and all that you do?  How do I thank you

For your support, strength and prayers, for your laughter, your talks and your cares.

I learned to create again with the Journaling and Boundaries class,

The Soul Expedition that was such a blast.

I’m so thankful for your help and for this place,

For God’s love, His mercy and His grace.

For our marriage, my husband and I thank you.

From the desk of Natalie Polzin, Director of Classes & Residency

From the desk of Natalie Polzin, Director of Classes & Residency