3 Ways You Get More When You Have Less

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“Hurry up! Get your stuff put away! We have people coming over!” I shout over my shoulder at my family as I run the vacuum across the living room floor. My children run up and down the stairs as they carry their toys up to their room and I hear them drop them on the floor. “Not like THAT! Put them away! Away where they go!”

I hear them grunt as they pick up the recently dropped toy and walk it over to the bin. But this is just the beginning. Quickly my cleaning escapade turns itself into a family-shouting match as I drag my husband into my agenda for the day. Soon kids are crying, my husband feels unheard, and I am resentful.

We chipper up for our friends and I deal with the emotional aftermath I spewed all over our home after they leave.

Anyone relate? Cleaning your home is a spiritual practice. When we purge the things we allow to control us, we are letting go of what we hold on to that doesn’t serve us.

Do we worry about our stuff? Do we give brain space over to it? Have we skipped out on having friends over because our stuff wasn’t arranged to our liking? Have we shouted at our children to hurry up as we hide our messes from friends? (Guilty!) Do we work hard to protect our stuff? Do we spend lots of time earning a living in order to pay for more stuff?

Here are three ways that you get MORE when you have less:

  1. Owning less offers more time. Time always feel like its running out. We can’t make more of it and it spends quickly. We can’t return time or multiply it. All we can do is give it. When we have fewer things, we have less to sift through. Give yourself the gift of time by having less to clean and manage.
  2. Owning less offers more space: physically, mentally, and emotionally. When we spend less time cleaning, we have time to journal, talk with a friend, spend time with Jesus, and go for a walk. We have more room for the people in our lives to enter our homes and to make space for what is to come (hopefully, not more things!).
  3. Owning less gives us more resources. I know this is crazy, but when we spend less on material things = more resources for the important stuff! What is important to you? Make room for the resources that you want in your life.

Letting go of the things that overwhelm our lives and our homes can feel like a huge step. But it’s a burden you won’t regret turning over to God. Take sometime today to ask yourself – Is my stuff serving me or am I serving my stuff?


Anything pull on you today? Are you ready to organize, toss, and make some room to breathe? Our community is gathering April 22nd for a day intensive on overhauling our homes as a spiritual practice. Christine Smart helps people do this for a living and is here to help us! Register here: http://www.houseofhopecr.org/classes/register-for-class/

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