Ready for Freedom


Have you been feeling stuck lately? Do you see patterns in your life that, quite frankly, you are SICK of? Do you find yourself enabling others in their sin or addiction? Do you want out? Are you interested in finding out how your past shaped you into the person you are today? Is it time for a change?

I have good news for you. There is a way.

By calling on God, speaking out your story, and writing to understand and process it all, you can be empowered to a new way of looking at God and yourself that you never imagined possible.


In Psalm 138:3 David writes: When I called, you answered me; you made me bold and stout hearted! Prayer offers a cry to our God who loves to empower his people to trust him. Let’s pray for boldness when finding fear crouching in the corner. Our God has power to overcome its anxiety producing ways.


“The definition of courage is,” writes Brene Brown, author of The Gift of Imperfection, “Telling your story with all your heart.” And that is what we do in The Ultimate Journey class. We tell our stories in this safe place and let grace settle around our shoulders like a warm shawl. Fellow classmates listen, affirm and allow us to find God’s grace through their eyes, their hearts and through God’s truth.


In A Writer’s Book of Days, Judy Reeves writes about the connection between writing and healing: “By writing it, you acknowledge the pain and its cause… When you read your work aloud you give voice to your feelings. These are some of the ways writing heals…It is an act of courage to complete such writing. Writing feelings down helps us accept our experiences and emotions as real – after all, there they are, in black and white. More than just a way to express our feelings, writing lets us feel them; it leads us into the deep places of our heart and shines a light so we can bring these stories from inside to outside.”

An Ultimate Journey class, Phase One, is the setting in which to move yourself forward in the healing process. Phase One is hard. Those people who truly enter into the exposed feelings are some of the most courageous people I know. They are determined to be done with the relentless effects of the past. They’ll do whatever it takes to get it out and to give the past up to the God who knows and loves them still, the One who offers healing and freedom.

Amy Tan writes, “In the telling of stories something happens. Your whole perception and memory of things begins to change and you can let go of what you have just told – you give it away. In letting go, we heal.”

If you have been trying to decide whether you would like to enroll in a Phase One class, I encourage you to pray and ask God to show you the best time and then get your name on the waiting list. Will you be able to free up your schedule to give ample time for the homework? Will your family life be at a point where you can do the grief work well and not try to squish it in between projects or vacations? Are you willing to fully enter the truth of what happened to you and to share that openly with just a few others who are willing to do the same thing? If so, call House of Hope right away. The next Phase One classes are just around the corner.

Then get ready for a life changing experience where God can speak into your heart, offering you truth and freedom from the past that keeps popping up in your present, making you feel stuck and unable to change.

I believe you will find the spunk to get up and kick the ugly untruths from your thinking. Pray. Tell your story. Write out the feelings. Let others hear and grieve with you over those hurts and then turn and receive the grace they offer, the grace God freely gives, and the grace you will learn to offer yourself.

Feeling stuck? Pack your bags and get your ticket for the Ultimate Journey. Freedom is calling!

From the desk of Deane Watters

From the desk of Deane Watters