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Looking for just the right speaker for your event, workshop, retreat, conference, MOPS group, meeting, or church service? Our House of Hope speakers are available to encourage, equip, and empower your audience to live healthy, full, and free lives! From small groups to large gatherings, our speakers are available to share on a variety of topics relevant to a wide range of audiences.
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Courtney Misener, Director of Programs & Engagement


Meet Courtney: In 2012 Courtney found herself worn out, worn thin, and boiling over with anger and resentment. Determined to stuff and ignore what was going on, she dutifully and proudly gathered herself and hid her truth internally, while masking and pretending to the world. Her approach to dealing with her emotions rippled into her marriage, her relationship with her children, family, friends and the outside world. With rock bottom looming and a marriage falling apart, Courtney finally started the long and sometimes painful journey of becoming emotionally healthy. Through her experiences, Courtney was awakened to the reality that much of her story mimicked those of women around her.

Determined to change the pattern and help others, Courtney became a student of identifying and changing the way she thought, felt, and functioned when faced with pain, conflict and uncertainty. Through this, she found that her leadership in her home, work and ministry also drastically changed.

Wife, mother and rapper extraordinaire, Courtney will engage you and make you laugh, but most importantly, she will challenge you to look inside yourself and move towards change.

Most Requested Topics: Emotional Health, Spiritual Health, Hard Conversations, Communication, Healthy Marriages, Personal Growth

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