Immerse-Stay-Application House of Hope

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Immerse-Stay-Application House of Hope

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  1. Hi ladies! My name is Debbie. I would like to be considered for housing for February 2018. I stayed at HOH in 2012. It was an incredible spiritual journey. I’m writing to you because after my stay , God lead me to NC, for a season. In May of this year I was seriously assalted . I was taken by ambulance to the ER, where I was in critical condition. Bleeding in my head, broken ear drum, and blood clot in my spine, that required surgery . The guy was sentenced 13years by a Grand Jury in Superior Court . He is currently serving prison sentence now. It’s time for me to come home to IA, to be with my family . I believe that this trauma needs healing , by your love, classes, and therapy HOH offers. I’m thankful you exist, emotional and spiritual healing would be a blessing. I spoke with Celeste and she gave me permission to tell you if you have any questions, you can ask her. Thank you for your consideration.

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