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Letting Lies Go

Posted by on Jul 18, 2017 in Blog: Life in the Intersection | 0 comments

We carry lies around in our pockets like heavy stones. They weigh and slow us down, keep us from running the race set before us. In order to wildly follow Him we are called to toss these lies to the ground, leaving them behind. But first we must confront them. One truth that has recently settled into my heart is that Christ followers are very forthright in admitting weakness, discussing lies that make up the fabric of our belief system, admitting brokenness and recognizing just how powerless we are, in fact we are a bit obsessed with our...

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Isolation vs. Insulation

Posted by on Jul 11, 2017 in Blog: Life in the Intersection | 1 comment

I have felt isolated most of my life in one way shape or form.   Sometimes it has been self imposed other times it has come via exclusion from different groups of people.   It encompasses friends, family, parties, Facebook, work and unfortunately does not exclude church or religious  functions.  Isolation can be in a room full of people or simply by yourself.   It plays no favorites, but it does play with your mind and emotions.   It plays on your weaknesses and past hurts.   It robs you of your peace, joy, and it definitely robs...

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A Little Pointer

Posted by on Jun 27, 2017 in Blog: Life in the Intersection | 1 comment

Picture this. Big girl is in the kitchen. Mom is sitting at the table. Little sister is standing next to big girl. Big girl goes to the refrigerator and opens the door. As she pulls out the milk, a pint of blueberries falls out onto the floor and breaks open, spreading blueberries all over the floor. Freeze the action! What does the big girl say to herself? What does the mom say to the big girl? What does the little girl say to the big girl? If you were that big girl, what words might be coming out of your mouth or thoughts flying into your...

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The Curse of Unforgiveness

Posted by on Jun 20, 2017 in Blog: Life in the Intersection | 0 comments

Forgiveness is a practice. Like exercise or implementing a new habit. Like a muscle the ability to forgive becomes stronger and more reflexive with use, as does the will to ask for forgiveness. It comes with a cost however, grace is a messy act. Thirty some years it has taken me to learn the difference between saying the words I am sorry and asking for forgiveness. I was not taught forgiveness. Apologies and the extension of grace were not modeled to me as a child, as seems to be familial norm for most families. This Christ in me life...

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Let’s Talk Parenting

Posted by on Jun 12, 2017 in Blog: Life in the Intersection | 0 comments

How does brain research inform parenting?  According to Dr. Daniel Siegel, a leading researcher in the fields of mind development and parenting,  a better understanding of the neurobiological processes that occur in the mind of a child can assist parents in connecting well with their child; teach them to  de-escalate out of control behaviors and emotions; and guide them in creating and maintaining healthy boundaries to keep the child safe.  It can assist parents in raising children who have self-control; good decision-making skills; and...

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