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Finding Freedom Through Fitness

Posted by on May 25, 2017 in Blog: Life in the Intersection | 0 comments

My journey in becoming a Revelation Wellness instructor is one of clarification, redemption and freedom.  I’ve been teaching fitness classes for over 7 years with the idea of giving people a “good experience”, striving to be the instructor people are drawn to, and teaching out of fear that if I don’t workout, my body will get “fat” and I will be unattractive. Two years ago, God led me to read a book called “Circle Maker” by Matt Batterson.  This book was about having BIG DREAMS because Big...

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Oh, Worry

Posted by on May 24, 2017 in Blog: Life in the Intersection | 0 comments

Worry Worry, worry, worry, worry. Worry just will not seem to live my mind alone ~ Ray LaMontagne Oh, worry. I know you. Worry and anxiety, for me, are like salt and pepper. They belong together. Like most of my emotions, worry moves. It moves from my mind, to my stomach, through my skin and under my skin. It steals my sleep and tricks my appetite. I breathe it in and out, deeper and longer, until all I know is worry. Some days I worry, that the worry will never go away. Some days worry is a distraction, something for my mind to do instead of...

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What Are You Reaching For?

Posted by on May 17, 2017 in Blog: Life in the Intersection | 0 comments

Sometimes, God’s inner promptings are clear and direct. Other times, I cannot seem to hear anything at all. Lately, there is a strong yet simple message on repeat in my spirit: “What are you reaching for?” I know exactly what the question is asking. It’s not referring to my personal aspirations or dreams. It’s literal. What am I actually grasping for to meet my everyday needs? This question doesn’t sound to me like a rebuke; I don’t feel condemned by the inquiry. It feels more like a loving exhortation by a tender Father in...

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Posted by on May 10, 2017 in Blog: Life in the Intersection | 4 comments

At my daughter’s recent dance recital I was trying hard not to nod off during one of the many performances she was was not in when a gaggle of tiny girls in frilly yellow dresses stumbled onto the stage. Their small bodies attempted to freeze under the direction of their teacher, waiting for the music to start: their cue to twirl and perform. The first chords broke the near silence and my body shuddered, the wind literally stolen from my lungs as though an anvil had landed on my chest… Jack Johnson’s song Upside Down reverberated...

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What’s In Your Wagon?

Posted by on May 10, 2017 in Blog: Life in the Intersection | 0 comments

I am sitting in my favorite spot on the porch this afternoon. It is a simple chair at an old farm table with a view of the budding spring outside the windows. In this place, I listen to the birds calling and the wind blowing. This is a spot where writing happens, where prayers are said, and thoughts can swirl around freely in the breeze that passes through the windows. In this place, little feet will soon pass through, running on their way to the yard to play as as the school day winds down and I will relish every sound of it. We have lived...

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