Who We Serve

House of Hope serves motivated women from diverse backgrounds who know they are not living to their full potential. Each of them has the desire to grow and change the way they are living and/or heal from the past.

There is no typical woman served by House of Hope. She is a business owner, ministry leader, stay-at-home mother, a single or a married women, a young adult or a mature women. A woman seeking support through life transitions. A woman seeking healing from past wounds. A woman seeking to break free of strongholds.

There is one thing that we share: we know that there is greater freedom, greater healing and greater empowerment available, and we want it!

How about you? Are you living in complete freedom? Are you completely whole and healed? Do you feel like you’re living completely expressing your gifts in a vibrant abundant life?


Are you like all of us here at House of Hope- celebrating the progress but still on the journey? If you’re like us, we invite you to come and get connected so we can journey together.