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Levels GraphicThe pursuit of living well is a life-long journey. Along this journey, we have different seasons, from curious exploration to focused core work. With this in mind, House of Hope introduces a new structure of levels across all our services to meet women & their families wherever they are.

House of Hope is a faith-based nonprofit organization whose mission is to empower, encourage, and equip women and their families to live well. We carry out this mission through  classes, therapy, and guest stays, and now we are offering these to the community at three levels: Ignite, Infuse, and Immerse.

Sometimes in a our journey, we are beginning to explore a new aspect of living well. Opportunities to try out new and unique experiences can spark new movements of health and grace in our life. House of Hope offers Ignite level experiences to provide just that kind of experience. The Ignite level is an easy entry point to House of Hope, with shorter time commitments and creative subjects.

Also along the journey, we come to seasons where we really want to press into a particular area of growth. House of Hope offers Infuse level experiences to give women a chance to let liberating Truth saturate their life.

Then there are the times in our journey where we are ready to dive deep to uproot core level strongholds and make foundational shifts. This is what the Immerse level at House of Hope is all about. Hundreds have already come away from Immerse level offerings testifying to the powerful experience of pursuing health at the deepest levels at House of Hope.

You will start seeing these levels popping up next to information on upcoming offerings, helping you to decide how you can best connect with House of Hope.

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